Bridging the gap between practice and life

Support and Inspiration for Yoga Students and Spiritual Seekers

What if you could live a life aligned with your deepest values without having to live in an ashram?

You love yoga class. You love hanging out at the studio. You enjoy the community, you love the inspiration and good vibes. Retreats are even better! Wow, living with spirit, intention and purpose 24/7!

AND, at the same time:

You enjoy your daily life.

You like your work.

You love your home life and your friends.

You’re not ready… or not the type… to renounce it all.


You want to live a life in the world that’s grounded in your deepest values…


Let’s face it: people piss you off sometimes and life is messy!

You want to be true to the depths of the practice but then you walk off the mat and into life and lose your shit.

The trouble is: how do you make yoga your life without giving your life up?

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Check out my latest blog post:

“I wanted to be able to support my students by more fully integrating yoga philosophy into practice as a teacher. On a personal level, the way I listen to people has changed; I am a more conscious listener. I am more compassionate, and calmer. As a teacher, I can provide more potent support and a better container to my students before and after class. I can simply listen without needing to provide an answer or a solution. I now know just listening is healing and supportive. Shulamit is so cool. She inspires me to be myself and not be afraid of that.” Tricya Morrice, yoga teacher, manager, Bodhi Tree Yoga, Kemptville

“Trying to bring the inner aspects of yoga into my life in a committed way, on my own,  just wasn’t working, so I had been keeping my eyes and ears open for a class that would add another dimension to my physical practice. This type of class is difficult to find. Participating in Shulamit’s classes has given me the opportunity to make the ethics practices a part of daily life. I need the reminders it affords me. The guidance and direction for exploring each area we’ve covered so far has helped me see things a little more clearly, changing my perspective and broadening my view. The most important thing I have gained from Shulamit is that it’s all okay. Whatever comes up, whatever I see, it’s all good! Shulamit has helped me be a little more comfortable in my own skin.  Hoooray!” Laurie Scott, yoga student, Kemptville

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