I love to work with women who:


  • Love yoga, of course! (and it wouldn’t hurt if you also liked good books, a creamy latte and some dark chocolate)
  • Are iconoclasts or critical thinkers who take an irreverent approach to life (if the F-word is one of your faves, we’ll be buds!)
  • Care deeply about making the world a better place
  • Consider themselves to be on a spiritual path (and want to be sure to integrate “the good, the bad and the ugly” along the way)



I’m a counselling social worker but really,  I offer love, encouragement and structure to help aspiring yoginis bridge the gap between engaging in spiritual practices and living a spiritual life. I do this work because it’s my way of shining more love and light into what can be a dark world. It’s how I manifest my vision for bringing a more loving and peace-filled world into being.


I started this work because I saw there are yoga-lovers who want to live spiritually-informed lives but don’t want to renounce worldly pursuits and become wandering sadhus. I saw that many yoga students want to deepen their practice but don’t necessarily want to attend a teacher training–or aren’t ready for that yet. I noticed a gap in support for yoginis who know there is more to yoga than asana practice but need a way to learn more.


I love supporting you in connecting with your inner guru and hearing the wisdom s/he has to offer for your life. I create safe space where self-doubt, fear, overwhelm and self-criticism can be met without crippling you. I can help you relate to others with greater ease. I can cheer you on, provide accountability and inspire you as you travel your spiritual path.


What you can find on this site:


On my blog, you can find inspiration and company as I document my experiences living a spiritually-focussed life in a material world. Sometimes I’ll also share my thoughts on world events through the lens of spirituality and social justice.

Through my newsletter (sign up here), you’ll receive a monthly infusion of love, inspiration and support for self-connection.

I facilitate group classes in person at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Centre. The Pancamaya Process is the focus of these classes where you can receive inner guidance for bringing the practice of yama and niyama more fully into everyday life.

Work with me: When I work one-to-one with you, I can provide compassionate listening and support. I can also guide you in the Pancamaya Process, a structure that enables you to “inquire within”  find out what really matters to you in any given situation, connect with your inner guidance and wisdom, then make life choices that reflect that.

When you want to make a specific change, we can establish a clear path forward with benchmarks and timelines and use them to guide our work together.

If you want to engage in deeper exploration of yama and niyama, your spirituality and values, we can make space for your process to unfold organically.

Want to find out what next step would be most appropriate for you? Book 30 minutes, free, to chat with me.

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About Me 

I know it sounds hackneyed and at the same time, it’s true for me now and I’m pleased and grateful to be able to say it: I’m now living the life of my dreams. I’ve recovered from depression, and I actually feel happy frequently (independent of external conditions and even in difficult times). When I’m feeling unhappy and am deeply distressed, I know how to care for myself and cultivate feelings that nourish me. I experience chronic pain and illness differently, with less suffering. I can shift my relationship with almost any problem and find peace, ease and relief. I have a relationship with a deeper, inner Power-greater-than-me (not just the idea of it). I’ve recovered from a work injury, retrained in a new career and started a business. I have deeply satisfying relationships with my beloved husband and with my adult daughter (after living through many difficulties together).  

But it wasn’t always this way. I loved how I felt in yoga class but when I left the mat I lost my shit. In order to feel better, I read every spiritual self-help book I could get my hands out (and indebted myself buying even more). I attended tons of yoga classes. I practiced at home daily. I took yoga teacher and therapist certification programs and hundreds of hours additional training. I have spent years in therapy over my lifetime. I beat myself up for not renouncing worldly life and going away to an ashram for years. I was deeply unhappy and came across as an angry person.

Having meningitis in 2002 only intensified my distress. You’d think nearly dying would be a wake-up call but not for me! I bailed on a marriage (rather than offering it CPR), was injured at work, gained 40 lbs (which exacerbated the injury as well as the chronic pain I already experienced) and wasn’t practicing yoga any more.

By happy accident, along the healing path from all this, I encountered the basis for the process I now use with clients, and learned how to connect to my self and my body’s wisdom, and to hear the messages of my inner guru. I was able to connect to and steer my life according to my deepest values. I learned how to love and act lovingly toward myself, and others.

I’ve captured the skills that enabled me to do all this and distilled them into a simple model I use every day, and can teach you.

I’m a counselling social worker but really, I help aspiring yoginis bridge the gap between engaging in spiritual practices and living a spiritual life.

“I’m so grateful for you as a learning avenue in my life. Thank you so much. My time with you has altered the course of my life.  WOW!” Jennifer Jackson, Washington, DC

“Shulamit has shown me both a pathway and a role model that I can highly enjoy and be engaged with. I can’t begin to tell you how much my life has changed, as a result of increased self-presence and using the ‘Accepting the Unaccepted’.  So much more patient, and calmer with other peoples’ processes.” M.L., NVC and Focusing class participant.

“One feels in good, safe hands overall with Shulamit, as she is dedicated to both individual and collective integrity. She combines a high degree of mental and emotional intelligence in service to peace on the planet as it expresses in each of us.” Lucie L., NVC trainer certification candidate, Gatineau, Quebec

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