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Self-empathy journal

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Self-empathy helps bridge the gap between practice and life: Self-empathy is ahimsa (non-harming) in action. This self-empathy journal provides you with a way to begin to explore listening to the whole of a situation in a way that starts with thoughts and judging and ends with what really matters. Once you know what really matters to you, it opens space for the action steps to come.

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My favourite “asana”

Click here to download the core forms practice I mentioned in the podcast with Wendy when she asked me about my favourite asana (physical yoga form).

Guided Gratitude Practice

I’m glad you’re interested in listening to this recording of a 13-minute guided gratitude practice. I enjoy providing resources that support folks in their inner journeys.


One participant on the class from which this recording is taken observed that it was interesting and useful to involve all five senses in the experience of gratitude, as they were guided to do in the experience here, because it added dimensions to a practice with which they were already familiar.


Another participant stated that approaching gratitude using related words, such as pleased and happy, brought a fuller experience than using the term gratitude itself.


I am interested in hearing about your experience. What was it like to experiment with this guided practice? What struck you? What worked, and what didn’t? Why not email me to let me know? Click here to email me.

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