Yoga-based Stress Management

Has your stress become unmanageable?

Yoga-based stress management provides effective tools from the yoga tradition

that you can use every day

to deal with stress and promote wellness at every level of your being.

Yoga-based stress reduction


What: Experiential and educational classes on the use of Yoga to reduce stress and promote wellness
When: Mondays, 7-830pm, February 29 – May 2, 2016
Where: Ahimsa Naturopathic and Yoga, Merrickville
Cost: $410 (covered by many extended health insurance benefits, or deductible as a medical expense on your income tax)
To register: email or call 613-868-9642

Date Week number Topic
Feb 29 1 Introduction: What will I learn?
March 7 2 The Breath: am I really breathing?
14 3 The Power of Body Awareness
21 4 Understanding stress and using Yoga for stress management
28 5 The power of belief: bring greater health and energy into our lives
April 4 6 Living from the heart: the physical and metaphorical heart and its role in health and healing
11 7 Yogic anatomy 1:

·      Energy: the source of health from a yogic perspective (prana and chakras)

18 8 Yogic anatomy 2:

·      Dimensions of being human (koshas)

25 9 Yoga and the emotions
May 2 10 Opening to life: spirituality and integration


What you can expect in each class

Every class will follow a basic structure: check-in, body awareness practice, small group discussion, educational presentation, breathing practice, practice of physical forms, guided imagery, relaxation, meditation, large-group discussion and closing.

Week 1: Introduction

We will learn about one another; about Yoga in its widest sense (as more than physical forms); and about the program.

Week 2: Breath

We will learn how body and mind are connected through the breath; how the breath affects body and mind; how to work with breath to facilitate wellness in mind and body and as a stress-busting technique.

Week 3: The Power of Body Awareness

We will learn and practice how to expand awareness into more of the body than we usually do.

Week 4: Stress and Yoga

We will learn how stress affects the body and mind (fight, flight, freeze, collapse responses); to identify sources of physiological and emotional stress; and ways to soothe and nourish the nervous system.

Week 5: The Power of Belief

We will learn how thoughts and beliefs affect emotions and health; how habits of mind can sabotage wellbeing; and practices that can open the door to shifts in thoughts and beliefs.

Week 6: Living from the heart

We will learn about the physical and metaphorical heart and its role in health and healing; we will learn what it means to open the heart and techniques that can lead the way to an open heart.

Week 7: Intro to Yoga anatomy 1: Chakras and prana

We will learn Yoga’s mind-body-spirit approach to anatomy, beginning with learning about energy (prana) and energy centres (chakras) and how these concepts, and practices that apply them, can play a role in wellness.

Week 8: Intro to Yoga anatomy 2: Koshas

We will learn Yoga’s mind-body-spirit approach to anatomy, continuing with the dimensions of human being known as the five koshas. We will learn how this way of thinking about human living and experience, and practices that applies it, can play a role in wellness.

Week 9: Yoga and the emotions

We will focus on how one specific kosha, the kosha of the emotions, plays a role in health and wellbeing, and explore ways of working with emotions without becoming overwhelmed.

Week 10: Opening to Life

We will discuss the program and how we have been affected by it. We will harvest the learnings and assess the benefits. We will identify ways of carrying forward with what we have learned as the program concludes.


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