Yoga-girlfriends chat about yoga, Nonviolent Communication and ahimsa

Yoga-girlfriends chat about yoga, Nonviolent Communication and ahimsa

Listen in and get free stuff! Imagine a conversation with your best yoga-loving girlfriend. Would you talk about your favourite asanas (forms)? Would you talk about the meaning of life, or tell each other about the new book you’re excited about? Maybe you’d confide in her about a difficult interaction where you hurt someone’s feelings.

Wendy Reese, of, and I talked about all that and more in this podcast.

Here are the highlights:

My yoga origin story and how I got to where I am today: It includes Scarlet Fever (not the band, the illness) and Kareen’s Yoga, one of Canada’s first yoga tv shows from 1970-ish. (Thus, via the miracle of the small black-and-white TV in my sickroom, kindly loaned to me by neighbours, Kareen was my first ever yoga teacher. Her book, the ABC of Yoga, was the first yoga manual I bought, at the age of eight. I still have a copy!)

Ahimsa: What does it mean? How can we embody and practice it? (Want to learn more about nonviolence in the Kingian and Gandhian traditions? Start with any of these free courses from or read this very powerful free book, Power Under: Trauma and Nonviolent Social Change.)

Nonviolent Communication: What is it anyway? But wait, I’m not violent! Also, how do we motivate ourselves without criticism and punishment? How do Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Yoga fit together? (Want to learn more about NVC? Check out the NVC Training Course on youtube. Here’s a link to Session 1.)

Asana: our favourites and most challenging and why (grab your copy of the free core forms graphic here, and what it means to have a “home” and be fierce in your practice.

Free gift: This free gift shows you the steps to slowing down and connecting with yourself that allow something to come. It will support you in connecting with what’s happening inside, instead of feeling overwhelmed. Grab the Self-Empathy Journal here.

Don’t you want to listen now? Check it out!

PS Heads up that there are some brief dropouts in the audio.

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